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Emirati Media Forum reviews role of media in times of crisis

A session, entitled, The Role of Emirati Media in Times of Crisis, which was held as part of the 6th edition of the Emirati Media Forum (EMF) in Dubai, discussed the key role played by the Emirati media in times of crisis and its ability to adapt to political, economic, social and health transformations taking place around the world.

Emirati Media Forum discusses role of media in times of crisis

The session, held at the Dubai Press Club (DPC), was moderated by Reem Saif Al Mamari, TV hostess from the Sharjah Media Corporation, as well as journalist Majid Al Farisi, Sky News Arabia, with the attendance of prominent Emirati media figures, local newspapers editors-in-chief, leading writers, scholars and specialists. The session presented a practical assessment of how the Emirati media has addressed global crises in recent years, most notably during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key media figures, heads of UAE media institutions, editors-in-chief of local newspapers and prominent writers, editorial managers, thinkers, intellectuals and academics participated in the one-day Forum held at the Dubai Press Club on Wednesday night. As part of the priority given to safety, the event was held in compliance with precautionary measures outlined by authorities.

The Emirati Media Forum is a platform for dialogue between key media players. It provides an opportunity to discuss developments in the media industry as well as local and regional issues, while providing channels of communication between local media organizations, journalists, experts and specialists in various media fields. It seeks to give local media outlets insights and knowledge on how they can develop the leadership capabilities required to excel and sustain their growth.