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NexGen joins hands with Cudos network as validator

Infrastructure as a service provider NexGen Cloud will be joining the Cudos network as a validator, offering a secure staking node for their private network of infrastructure clients. Rapidly scaling, decentralized IaaS provider NexGen Cloud, has been a key customer and partner for Cudo, doubling their footprint of high-end, specialist GPU servers, ready for intensive computing workloads, such as video rendering and AI.

NexGen joins hands with Cudos network as validator

As strategic backers to Cudo and the CUDOS token, NexGen Cloud offers infrastructure packages to a European network of investors. Hosting within 100% green-energy facilities with enterprise-grade uptime and security, NexGen Cloud becomes a highly strategic validator on the Cudos network, marketing the benefits of staking into their investor network.

NexGen Cloud's vision of the future is a decentralized one. As a company, they are committed to providing pioneering distributed cloud platforms such as Cudo, and new Blockchains with decentralized, green computing resources, that will ultimately provide them with the power that they require to grow their network at a desired rate. Supporting distributed cloud computing is right at the top of their agenda, and the company firmly believes that what Cudo is pioneering is going to revolutionize the way cloud resources are utilized.